Duck breast cooked on a bed of Le Guérandais coarse Guérande salt Served on a slice of bread with fig chutney

45 min
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  • 1 duck breast
  • 1kg Le Guérandais coarse Guérande sea salt

For the bread slice :

  • A large farmhouse loaf
  • A few leaves of baby spinach or rocket
  • 12 figs or fig chutney

Preparation :

Place a thick layer of Le Guérandais coarse sea salt on a rectangular cake dish. Place the breast flesh side down on the salt and coat entirely. Cover the dish with a lid or film and keep in a cool place for 24 to 36 hours depending on the size of the breast.

Once cured, when the meat has lost its water, take out the breast and remove the salt. Wrap the breast in a tea towel and place in the fridge for 2 to 3 days.

The bread slices

Poach the figs.

Cut the breast into thin slices, keeping the fat.

On the slices of farmhouse bread, layer the poached figs and slices of duck. Add a few leaves of baby spinach or rocket.

Author: Le Guérandais
Photo: Bob NORRIS

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