The salt marshes

In southern Brittany and throughout the centuries, man and ocean have created the Guérande peninsula, which gave birth to Europe's most northern salt marshes. From Le Pouliguen in the south to Assérac in the north, passing through Guérande, the salt marshes extend over more than 2,000 hectares and 9 towns, on clay soil that forms an open-air mosaic.
Tradition was passed down over time, preserving harvesting techniques suited to this special environment. Use of high and low tides and natural energy sources (wind, sun, gravity), use of three types of basins, daily harvesting in the water, no mechanised processes and human-scale farmlands are some of the characteristics that define this high-quality natural product: Guérande salt! Salt marsh workers have now joined together to work in a cooperative, combining craftsmanship and modernity.