Quality charter

Over the last 20 years we have based our strategy on the conviction that the future of the Le Guérandais Guérande Salt produced at the cooperative is dependent on the quality of the product, the skills of its people and the wealth of its heritage.

In a constantly changing market and an increasingly aggressive competitive environment, our salt production needs to meet the demands of customers and consumers, day after day.

Their specifications set very high demands in terms of inspection and quality control. These contribute to ongoing improvements in the quality of our salt.

Concurrently, the cooperative "Les Salines de Guérande" is a member of APROSELA (Association for the Promotion of Artisanal Salt), that groups together stakeholders within the sea salt industry who use or wish to use an official quality label. This association is managed by a Board of Directors made up of representatives from the various divisions of the salt industry (producers, traders). This association aims to ensure good artisanal sea salt quality within the Guérande region.