A unique, protected site

The 2000 hectares of salt marsh in Guérande (communes of Guérande, Batz-Sur-Mer, La Turballe, Le Croisic, Le Pouliguen and La Baule) and Le Mès (communes of Mesquer, Saint-Molf and Assérac) basins form a unique natural site recognised as an outstanding heritage. A precious, living area born from man’s activities…and whose survival is still in our hands.

The salt marshes on the Guérande peninsula were awarded the Label Paysage in 1992 and, since 1996, the straits and hillsides of the communes of Guérande, La Turballe, Le Croisic, Batz-Sur-Mer, Le Pouliguen and La Baule have had the benefit of a site listing, under the 1930 Act, at the profession’s request.

They have also been listed as a Zone Naturelle d'Intérêt Écologique, Floristique and Faunistique (ZNIEFF) (Site of Special Interest) by the French Government since 1991 and as a Zone Importante pour la Conservation des Oiseaux (ZICO) (Bird Protection Area) under the 1979 European directive on “Birds”. As such, the Le Croisic straits are listed as a Zone de Protection Spéciale (ZPS) (Special Protection Area).

Since 1995, the salt marshes have been listed as wetlands of international importance under the RAMSAR convention.

Finally, the site forms part of the European Natura 2000 network and may even be recognised as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.