Tourism & exploration

The Côte d’Amour, La Baule, Le Croisic,… If you’re spending your holidays or a weekend in Southern Brittany, why not go out and explore the strange world of the salt marshes.

We are always delighted to share our know-how and show people what a beautiful place we work in, so come and meet us at TERRE DE SEL for:

  • A large choice of walks around the salt marshes, guided by specialists (workers and nature guides): family walks, hiking, exceptional day-trips, etc.
  • A permanent, innovative and interactive exhibition on the salt marsh workers' involvement throughout the year (models, tidal movements, films, games for children, etc.)
  • A beautiful shop selling local, high-quality products: Le Guérandais coarse salt, "fleur de sel", salted butter caramel, Breton pancakes, fish appetisers, etc.