Scallops seasoned with "Le Guérandais" sea salt with herbs, endives with emulsified citrus juice

45 min
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Ingredients for 4 people

20        scallops

4          sprigs of rosemary

4          endives cooked in white stock

100 g   of finely sliced snow peas

50 g     of sugar

100 g   of butter

Olive oil

1          teaspoon of Le Guérandais sea salt with herbs, ground pepper

½         bunch of chives

For the garnish: 12 slices of dried kumquats

Citrus juice

3          oranges

1          grapefruit

100 ml olive oil

Preparation :

Citrus juice

Reduce the juice of all 3 oranges and the grapefruit into a syrup.  Work in the olive oil with a whisk.


Put the scallops and rosemary onto 4 skewers and brown them in the olive oil.  Season with Le Guérandais Guérande fine sea salt with herbs, add ground pepper.

Chop the endives in half and caramelise them in the butter and sugar.

Sauté the sliced snow peas in a pan with a little olive oil.  Season with Le Guérandais Guérande sea salt with herbs.


Place the scallop skewers on the plates.  Carefully add the snow peas and endives.  Pour on some citrus fruit sauce and season with Le Guérandais sea salt with herbs.

Quick tip

Garnish with slices of kumquat and a few chives.

Author: Michel ROTH
Photo: Pascal FRANCOIS

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