Our portraits

Sophie BONNET QUESTIAU Marsh worker since 2005

Enthralling, ingenious, physical

When did you start as a salt marsh worker?
Sophie: Ten years ago.

Where are your salt marshes located?
SophieIn the Mès basin, a small and intimate marsh hidden away in the countryside.

Why did you go into the salt worker trade?
SophieIt did not come to me immediately like for others, it was the fruit of structured and methodical thinking to find which field I would be best suited for: by identifying which criteria were important to me - such as working with nature whilst being autonomous, and working locally (I only used to get back to the peninsula at the weekend) - this trade seemed to be the most appropriate solution that best met my needs.

How would you describe your trade in 3 words?
SophieEnthralling, ingenious, physical.

What do you like most about this trade?
SophieThe strategic game of trying to match up all the natural elements (water, weather, clay, etc.) and observing them on a daily basis to get the results we want: for the salt to crystallise whilst respecting what nature has to offer us. 

In your opinion, what are the advantages to being a member of a cooperative?
SophieThe pooling of storage and sales tools: we are stronger as a team than we are alone!! 

What do you prefer harvesting, coarse salt or "fleur de sel"?
SophieCoarse salt for its more physical requirements and how I feel after harvesting it. 

How would you describe coarse salt?
SophieThe marshes' white gold.

What is your favourite recipe using Guérande salt?
SophieI like very simple things, enhanced by the sparkle of some "fleur de sel": grilled lamb chops with some melt-in-your-mouth "fleur de sel" as soon as it has finished cooking.