Our portraits

Olivier LAUNAY Marsh worker since 2004

Freedom, pleasure, balance

When did you start as a salt marsh worker?
Olivier: In 2004.

Where are your salt marshes located?
Olivier: In Sissables.

Why did you go into the salt worker trade?
Olivier: I gave a hand once to a salt worker friend and enjoyed it; I started out with 20 eyelets when I had the opportunity and have carried on ever since.

How would you describe your trade in 3 words?
Olivier: Freedom, pleasure, balance.

What do you like most about this trade?
Olivier: The contact I have with nature.

Which is your favourite season for working in the marshes and why?
Olivier: Springtime, until the first harvest because we can take our time, it is a time when nature lets us be and the days are longer.

In your opinion, what are the advantages to being a member of a cooperative?
Olivier: The mutual aspect of our work and our strength as a group, as well as having a team of professionals each skilled in different fields.

What are the advantages of the Le Guérandais brand?
Olivier: Le Guérandais focuses on the producer and local side of the trade.

How would you describe coarse salt?
Olivier: A strong, raw product.

How would you describe "fleur de sel"?
Olivier: Light, flaky, delicate.

What is your favourite recipe using Guérande salt?
Olivier: Anything baked in a salt crust, and the melt-in-your-mouth aspect of "fleur de sel" when used as a seasoning after grilling meat.