Our portraits

Joël RAPET Marsh worker since 2002

Quality, respect for the consumer, innovation

When did you start as a salt marsh worker?
Joël: In 2002.

Where are your salt marshes located?
Joël: In Les Quatre Routes.

Why did you go into the salt worker trade?
Joël: This trade allows me to put all my knowledge and previous experience to use.

How would you describe your trade in 3 words?
Joël: Hard, demanding, noble.

What do you like most about this trade?
Joël: Knowing that I can make a high-quality product in an exceptional environment that relies entirely on the climate.

Which is your favourite season for working in the marshes and why?
Joël: Salt harvesting. It is the result of all our hard preparation work.

In your opinion, what are the advantages to being a member of a cooperative?
Joël: Entrusting my production to skilled people specialised in fields that I know nothing about (sales, innovation, etc.). This enables me to devote all my time to my farm and to optimise production.

Which values are conveyed by the brand Le Guérandais?
Joël: Quality, respect for the consumer, innovation.

What do you prefer harvesting, coarse salt or "fleur de sel"?
Joël: Coarse salt.

How would you describe coarse salt?
Joël: A natural treasure, a noble product.

How would you describe "fleur de sel"?
Joël: A salty treat.

What is your favourite recipe using Guérande salt?
Joël: Sea bass in a salt crust.