Our portraits

Grégory PITART Marsh worker since 1997

Enthralling, demanding, sustainable

When did you start as a salt marsh worker? 
Grégory: In 1997.

Where are your salt marshes located?
Grégory: In the Leniphen/Trégaté area.

Why did you go into the salt worker trade? 
Grégory: Two friends of mine were seasonal carriers, I was looking for a job that met my expectations, not to mention that I spent my entire childhood near a salt marsh in Mouzac.

How would you describe your trade in 3 words?
Grégory: Enthralling, demanding, sustainable.

What do you like most about this trade?
Grégory: The trimming season is the time when the marshes are at their best, and the planing process during the winter when it's cold is also great...

Which values are conveyed by the brand Le Guérandais?
Grégory: Authenticity, sustainability, quality, "practicality" (meaning that innovations make Guérande salt easier to use for consumers), solidarity.

How would you describe "fleur de sel"?
Grégory: Temperamental.

What is your favourite recipe using Guérande salt?
Grégory: Line-caught sea bass in a salt crust.