Our portraits

Christophe NICOL Marsh worker since 2005

Freedom, autonomy, nature

When did you start as a salt marsh worker?
ChristopheTen years ago.

Where are your salt marshes located?
ChristopheBetween Batz sur Mer and Guérande, on the road to Kervalet.

Why did you go into the salt worker trade?
ChristopheI was born in Guérande and live in Batz sur Mer, so have been immersed in this environment from a very young age. I went down other paths at first, but came back after discovering other trades less appealing to me.

How would you describe your trade in 3 words?
ChristopheFreedom, autonomy, nature.

Which is your favourite season for working in the marshes and why?
ChristopheSpringtime, because everything starts to grow again, nature wakes up and our salt marshes become whole again.

Which values are conveyed by the brand Le Guérandais?
ChristopheSolidarity, honesty, nature.

How would you describe coarse salt?
ChristopheA raw, whole and natural product.

How would you describe "fleur de sel"?
ChristopheA fine, delicate and fragile product.

What is your favourite recipe using Guérande salt?
ChristopheA square of dark chocolate with a hint of "fleur de sel" on it.