Signs of quality

Nature & Progrès

Member of the Nature & Progrès label since 1989, we are very attached to it. Indeed, it corresponds to the original values of ours cooperative:

- a participative societal dynamics
- an economy of human-sized division
- the practice of a peasant agriculture respecting the natural balances
- an environment-friendly human activity

This association being of the law 1901, is the main organization of organic farming in France and in Europe with as peculiarity the respect for the Nature without the refusal of the Progress what puts it at the forefront of the agrobiologique development.
It groups producers, transformers and consumers who guarantee the respect for its charter and specifications.

Label Rouge

The quality approach that we have followed for over twenty years was rewarded in 1991 when we obtained Label Rouge status for the coarse salt and ground (fine) salt from the LES SALINES DE GUERANDE cooperative.
Le Guérandais Guérande Salt is currently the only French sea salt to have been awarded the Label Rouge, an official sign of superior quality that is overseen by an independent certifying body approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The entire Le Guérandais Guérande Salt organisation is involved in this approach: routine product composition inspections are carried out to ensure that it contains sufficient magnesium and other minerals and trace elements; organoleptic quality is also tested (regular tastings by the approved certifying body, CERTIPAQ), and quality control is guaranteed at every stage of production, from harvest through to storage and packing. About 90% of salt producers within the cooperative are certified for the production of this famous label.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

Since 20 March 2012, quality procedures have been reinforced on a European level through the obtaining of a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for "Guérande salt" and "Guérande fleur de sel".

The designation "GUERANDE" has finally become protected within the European Union, and this PGI provides customers with a guarantee regarding the origin and quality of Guérande salt and "fleur de sel".

By complying with strict specifications, the salt marsh workers within the "Salines de Guérande" cooperative produce manually-collected sea salt, that is not washed after harvest and to which no additives are added.

The definition of Guérande "Fleur de sel" now officially states that its light, fine and flaky crystals are formed and harvested on the water's surface.


APROSELA (Association for the Promotion of Artisan-produced Salt) was founded in 1990 following efforts by the entire salt profession to improve and gain recognition for the quality of artisan-produced sea salt.

It is an ODG (Organisme de Défense et de Gestion – Defence and Supervisory Body) recognised by INAO, which, since 1991, has overseen the Atlantic Sea Salt “Label Rouge” and has henceforth for task to manage and check the PGI specifications. It also contributes towards the public interest mission of preserving and promoting the salt marshes and traditional production techniques. 


In December 2006, we were awarded IFS (International Featured Standards) certification.

The IFS reference framework was created on the initiative of French and German distributors and designed to ensure food safety at every stage of production and a level of quality amongst manufacturers of own-brand products.


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