Organisation, operation and figures


Based on key values such as mutual help, equality, fairness and solidarity, the cooperative boasts an incredible group spirit, given that it is exclusively owned by member salt marsh workers.The members of the cooperative elect their Board of Directors during a General Assembly. The Board, divided into specific commissions, works in collaboration with the Chairman and employees to ensure the cooperative's development.

The 14 Board members currently in place - under chairmanship from Charlotte LE FEUVRE - represent all 220 member salt marsh workers.

The Salines de Guérande cooperative currently counts 75 employees, managed by Laurent SERIAT.

The cooperative
is chaired by
Charlotte LE FEUVRE

The cooperative
is managed by 
Laurent SERIAT

How it operates

Every summer, the members bring their harvest individually to the cooperative. This compulsory sharing of the harvest is one of the foundations of our organisation.

However, depending on weather conditions, the harvest may vary from 100Kg to 3 tonnes of salt per pond!
A minimum of two to three years’ stock is therefore needed to ensure that our customers and consumers receive a regular supply in terms of quantity and quality.

Whether the harvest is large or small, the cooperative ensures that each salt worker receives a guaranteed purchase price for his salt for the same quality. Payment is of course in proportion to the amount of salt that each member contributes.

The purchase price is fixed by the members themselves every year, for a period of one year. This annual consultation allows the salt workers to stabilise their incomes and live decently from their production.

Key figures

Number of cooperative members
salt workers
Production capacity
per year


Our products are aimed at a national and international clientele

Supermarkets and hypermarkets
The food processing industry
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Fine grocery stores
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